Corporate Training & Facilitation

Seasoned facilitators are available for your corporate meetings.
Let us support in the delivery of materials and programs.



A robust ‘train the trainer’ approach increases community capacity by enhancing leadership skills, highlighting collective and individual accountability and honing decision making skills.



Seasoned facilitators are available for your community meetings. Let us support in the delivery of materials and programs. From leadership training to chairing, contact us for more details.


Conflict Resolution

Resolve conflict in a non-adversarial manner. Enhance your communication, negotiation and alternative dispute resolution skills. Teams that get along are more productive and enjoy work.

Anger and unresolved conflict have a detrimental impact on individuals it can affect your business and cost your organization dearly.


Intercultural Sensitivity Training

Our cultural sensitivity program sheds light on topics such as racism, discrimination, stereotypes, youth challenges and identity crisis are discussed openly in an informal interactive setting.  

Sick time, grievances, low morale Lateral Conflict: “non-verbal innuendos,” “verbal affront,” “undermining activities,” “withholding information,” “sabotage,” “infighting,” “scapegoating,”…


Stress Management

Empowering individuals to deal with stress in a healthy manner thus minimizing the potential for adverse health impacts. chronic stress can lead to mental health problems and medical issues.                               


Diversity Training

Urban Rez Solutions provides diversity training including anti-black racism training. We educate on how to sight individualized biases, challenge learned stereotypes and how to systemically change & promote equity.

Organizational Change Support

We recognize the myriad of challenges that fiscal instability creates and the impact on the employee. Thus Urban Rez Solutions and REAL Corp utilize a comprehensive holistic model based on empowerment and resiliency to prepare employees for transition in the workplace.

With change being constant and inevitable, socially it is imperative we also re-invent, re-condition and revitalize ourselves. The goal of this initiative is to enhance the resilience of all employees that will be impacted by imminent or forecasted change.

“Feed a man a fish and he’ll eat for a day…teach a man to fish and he’ll eat for life.”

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