Corporate Training & Facilitation

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Positive Workplace Training

Sick time, grievances, low morale Lateral Conflict: “non-verbal innuendos,” “verbal affront,” “undermining activities,” “withholding information,” “sabotage,” “infighting,” “scapegoating,” “backstabbing,” “failure to respect privacy,” and “broken confidences, educationally stuck, morality issues, dishonesty, lack of credit, awaiting to retire.
What is the financial, operational and atmospheric impact of toxicity in your department?

Focusing on helping organizations build respectful workplaces – where individuals at all levels of the organization treat each other with dignity and respect and integrate these principles laterally and vertically. The resulting environment is robust, energized and most importantly increasingly productive.

When conflict is addressed effectively and efficiently it can maintain integrity and essentially strengthen relationships.
Equipping employees with the skills necessary to navigate and offset conflict that could arise in the workplace setting is cost effective and smart.

Positive Employment Climate Training increases workplace productivity capacity by enhancing leadership skills, highlighting individual accountability and honing decision making skills. Utilizing participant driven, experiential learning and the ‘Ounce of Prevention’ pedagogy to address conflict; training proactively equips participants with conflict management principles thereby minimizing the likelihood that they resort to anti-social behaviour when faced with challenging or adversarial situations. Urban Rez Solutions offers culturally sensitive, self-empowering insight in its training.

“Feed a man a fish and he’ll eat for a day…teach a man to fish and he’ll eat for life.”

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