Take Back Your World Navigate Your Life

Take Back Your World Navigate Your Life is an innovative alternative engagement model. It focuses on becoming a ‘leader in your own life’, career identification and sustained individual and community wide pro-social behavior.

TBYW programming inspires participants to actively engage in the process of change and generation of problem solving solutions. In addition training increases community capacity by enhancing leadership skills, highlighting individual accountability and honing decision making skills. Our expertise and integrated approach to change management strategy, transferable empowerment, mobilization, crisis prevention & intervention, mental health wellness/recovery, intercultural conflict management, dynamic engagement and personality/life skills development techniques make Take Back Your World NAVigate Your Life truly unique and effective.

Utilizing participant experiential learning and the ‘Ounce of Prevention’ pedagogy to address conflict while training proactively, the program equips participants with conflict management principles thereby introducing options and minimizing the likelihood that they resort to violent behaviour when faced with adversarial situations.
Urban Rez Solutions continues to deliver the Take Back Your World – Navigate Your Life Program with initiatives ranging from; weekend retreats, organizational workshops, mid and long term weekly community programing and training the trainer.

Lauded as a leader in community development, Urban Rez Solutions is regarded as the go to organization for providing individual and community resolve based empowering strategies.

Take Back Your World NAVigate Your Life is based on the guidelines of the Five A’s and Seven C’s.
5A’s: Assessment, Awareness, Acceptance, Action, Accountability
7C’s: Conscious Choice, Curiosity, Courage, Challenge, Change, Commitment, Communication
The 5A’s & 7C’s framework applies to the following programs in individual and customized packages.

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