Just Think 1st

Just Think 1st This multi-faceted initiative engages and urges individuals who have the propensity to live a high risk criminal lifestyle or those who are on the cusp of high risk activity to think before they act and consider the consequences of their actions.

Just Think 1st has been created with the mission to reduce gun violence and other types of violence amongst youth, through collective action, crowd solving, education and awareness.

Just Think 1st initiatives include captivating and poignant video and audio public service announcements (PSAs) relevant social media proliferation, strategically located out of home placement and a series of creative, exciting and informative community interactions. This initiative is a proven tool that integrates conflict management techniques and encourages thought processing to reach informed judgments about participating in high risk activities.

Just Think 1st targets youth between the ages of 12 to 29 years old as well as those that are repeat offenders and are deemed likely to commit a violent act.

Just Think 1st also supports creating a positive medium and long term vision for bridging the relationship gap between police and community.

Ultimately the Just Think 1st message will be likened to: Buckle Up, Don’t Drink and Drive and Don’t Text and Drive.

How to apply the Just Think 1st Message:

It’s easy! Encourage people within your networks to ‘Just Think 1st’

Here’s an example: Parents globally tell their children daily to “Look both ways before crossing the street” and “Don’t talk to strangers”. Following in the footsteps of these wise words reminding our children to be mindful of their comings and goings, we now need to tell our children before making decisions to “Just Think 1st”

The sooner conducting instantaneous cost benefit analysis and considering the consequences of one’s actions become a subconscious practice in our communities, the more well informed choices people will make thus reducing violence.

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