Community Training & Facilitation

Seasoned facilitators are available for your community meetings.
Let us support in the delivery of materials and programs.



A robust ‘train the trainer’ approach increases community capacity by enhancing leadership skills, highlighting collective and individual accountability and honing decision making skills.

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Seasoned facilitators are available for your community meetings. Let us support in the delivery of materials and programs. From leadership training to chairing, contact us for more details


Mental Health Wellness and Recovery

Develop an understanding of the concepts of Mental Health Wellness. Delve into the realm of recovery, personal responsibility, self-determination, self-advocacy, 


Crisis Prevention and Intervention

Utilizing the ‘Ounce of Prevention’ pedagogy to address crisis; training proactively equips participants with crisis management principles.


Grief/Loss Counseling

Losing a loved one is a traumatic experience.
Feelings associated with grief can be overwhelming for family and community.
Utilizing culturally sensitive bereavement support we support individuals, families and community through this difficult time.


Youth Engagement Training

This train the trainer workshop identifies key areas of communication necessary to engage youth effectively. Topics discussed are: common denominators between staff and community youth, the most engaging elements of community youth.


Conflict Resolution

Comprehensive anger management and conflict resolution program for individuals to find effective methods of controlling their anger, improve communication skills. Resolve conflict in a non-adversarial manner. Enhance communication, negotiation and other  resolution skills.


Diversity Training

Urban Rez Solutions provides diversity training including anti-black racism training. We educate on how to sight individualized biases, challenge learned stereotypes and how to systemically change and promote equity. The understanding of each other’s culture is the begenning.


Stress Management

Empowering individuals to deal with stress in a healthy manner thus minimizing the potential for adverse health impacts. Chronic stress can lead to mental health problems and medical issues.


Student Intervention

Urban Rez Solutions has provided conflict management/life skills training and intervention in both in-school and school away from school models for behaviourally challenged students. 

Have you been charged with a violent offense? Did anger get the best of you and now you’ve found yourself in conflict with the law? Is your reputation at stake because you lost control?

“Feed a man a fish and he’ll eat for a day…teach a man to fish and he’ll eat for life.”

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